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Suzuki Savage LS650

submitted by Bobbie

When I was searching for a bike I sat on a lot! None were Harley's since I could not afford them, so most were Japanese-Metric cruisers. I found that seat height had nothing to do with the comfort-ability of them, the standard was 26 1/2" high and that was great. Width of the bike threw me off, It added to my 29-30" inseam and made it where I was on tip toes or not comfortable. I found the Suzuki Savage LS 650 to fit perfectly. It was light weight, being around 300lbs. and very narrow. I could reach all the controls very easily. So that is what I bought. The only negative thing I can say about the bike is that it is very hard to get any accessories for it. I don't want a windshield, but it can be had. I can't get a wider seat but can get a gel one from Suzuki, which for my tailbone would be nice after a long ride. It has plenty of get up and go. The clutch friction area seems to be small and you have to use if you go under 10mph or stall it out. The gear changing ratio is 1st-0-12, 2nd-12-22, 3rd-22-32, 4th-32-40, 5th-40+. I down shift a lot instead of using the brakes, since once you let off the throttle it slows down very fast. Which is good to have for a beginner! The average gas mileage I get on it is approx. 62 miles to the gallon. The bike only comes in the colors of black or green, both have metallic flake in them that are visible in the light. I paid approx. $4,000 for the bike brand new.

Some of the other bikes I tried were the Honda Rebel (forget the CC's) but the box on both sides under the gas tank would cut into your thighs making it very uncomfortable! I have also ridden my hubby's Volusia 800. Very comfortable. I can ride it but my feet aren't perfectly flat sitting still on it and the weight is a factor. If I dropped it on me, I'd be stuck for good! So, I'm not rushing into upgrading yet.

For my first bike I definitely wanted something that would fit me. After trying various bikes in the showroom, I went with the 2003 Suzuki Savage LS650. I found that seat height on the other bikes wasn't a problem since most were the same height as the Savage with a 27.6" height, but the width would take away from my inseam or make it uncomfortable. I'm 5' 3".

I found the narrow design of the Savage was a wonderful fit and I could reach all the controls very easily. It is light weight compared to a lot of other bikes, being around 325 lbs. It is air cooled, with only a speedometer, lights for oil, lights, and neutral. I get around 62 miles per gallon on the 2.8 gallon gas tank. With me filling up at around 120 miles without touching the reserve (.6 g). It is a 5 speed and is belt driven. The bike is available in two colors, black and green. Both have metal flake in them that is really only visible in the light. It comes standard with the passenger back rest.

The only negative thing I can say about the Savage is its lack of accessories. You can get a windscreen, saddlebags, gel seat and a luggage rack for it, but not too much else. I haven't had any problems with mine so far except a couple days after buying it I found it backfired. I took it to the dealer and they adjusted the idle and that fixed it. The only other thing I would like to change is the exhaust, it's too quiet. I found people don't realize I'm there until they see me which at times is not good. Also, with the short fenders, if you run into a mud puddle be prepared to give it a good bath afterwards since the engine and frame gets dirty along with the rear and your saddlebags.

I am very pleased with this bike and its performance and you can't beat the price, around $3,700-$4000.

Thanks to Bobbie for submitting this personal review. From Bobbie, "I'm a 5'3" woman who has just learned to ride. At this time I do not participate in club events since I've only racked only approx. 1,600 miles of ride time. I own a 2003 Suzuki Savage LS650 in black."

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