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Homemade Heated Clothing

  1. Gerbing connectors for the newly wired clothing
    The connectors need a foot or more of 16 or 18AWG wire.
  2. 33 feet of 30AWG stranded wire per jacket or slacks
    The 33' of 30AWG will draw about 54 watts at 13.5 VDC.
  3. Scotch Locks and heat shrink to make connections,
  4. A Gerbing "Y" if you have a single knob controller.
    The "Y&" allows you to split the power to feed multiple units.
    Note that each unit draws 4.5 Amps when using 33' of 30AWG.


You sew the 30AWG to the inside of the jacket then place a liner over the wire to keep it from snagging. You could also sew the 30AWG under the liner of a lined jacket. The 30AWG wire is a really thin wire, you can hardly see the copper inside. You connect the 30AWG to the 16AWG using a Scotch Lock, seal with heat shrink then fasten the sealed connection to the jacket. The 16AWG comes out of your jacket and the end with the Gerbing connector plugs into your controller.

The wiring is not spread uniformly under the jacket. The front of the arms and the chest get more wire than the rear because that is where you need the most heat.

The connection to the motorcycle requires:

  1. connectors to cycle battery = $17 with 10A inline fuse (included above) and power distribution wire (have) (included above)
  2. 15A PWM Controller with OFF to 100% = $100 with quick disconnect connector(included above). This is the Heat-troller
  3. heat shrink tubes

Instructions on do it yourself:

Electrically Heated Clothing and Image of Dimmer which refers to Variable Heat Controller 

Use a relay when bike has a radio - Variable Heat Controller with Relay 

Controllers can be found at Wam n Safe.

  1. Heat-troller Portable Dual with battery harness $99.95. Designed to control 2 different sections.
  2. Power Harness with Waterproof Fuse Holder, 15 amp fuse $6.95
  3. Widder Adapter Female $5.95
  4. S+H = $10
  5. Wire at $15.13 per 100 feet TFE Teflon Hook-Up Wire, 30 AWG Gauge, 600 V, TFE Teflon Insulation, 38 AWG , 7 Stranding, 0.032 in. Outer Diameter, Hook-up Wire Type

I bought most of this stuff to make my own last December. My wife took pity on me and bought me Gerbing Jacket + Pants liners.

[Thanks to BOBMEINET aka "Shower Buddy Bob", a frequent visitor and contributor to the Women Who Ride forum]

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